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David Bates

Policy Briefs Editor

David T. Bates is currently a PhD student in the History of Education program at Stanford’s Graduate School of Education. His research focuses on changing conceptions of disability owing to the emergence of the human sciences in the long Progressive Era. Previously, he was the curriculum design research coordinator at Harvard’s Democratic Knowledge Project (DKP), where he coordinated several curricular activities in service of the DKP’s research on civic education. He has also taught in elementary schools in Tulsa and Boston, and he has degrees from the University of Rochester, the University of Chicago, and the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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Haley Lepp

Blogs Editor

Haley Lepp is a second-year PhD student in the International and Comparative Education (ICE) program at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. A former NLP engineer and digital education practitioner in humanitarian contexts, she uses critical data studies to explore how new technologies shift social, political, and economic power through education.

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Gabriela López

Op-Eds Editor

Gabriela López has 10-plus years of teaching experience and a master’s in education. She has a range of work from early education to graduate level and experience as a paraprofessional assistant, art instructor, bilingual classroom teacher, teacher’s union representative, student mentor, prison educator, teacher supervisor, adjunct professor, and school board commissioner. Elected to the San Francisco Board of Education at 28, she is the youngest woman ever elected and was president for two terms during her tenure. She is now in a Ph.D. in Education program at Stanford University.

Photo of Hannah

Hannah Cha

Social Media Intern

Hannah Cha is a junior at Stanford University studying Symbolic Systems with a concentration in Human-Computer Interaction and minoring in Art Practice and Comparative Studies for Race and Ethnicity. She is interested in the intersection of art, tech, and social justice, and how these spaces can co-exist and enhance one another; she hopes to elevate and amplify marginalized voices and communities. She also delves into visual computing, graphic design, coded artwork, and replicating cultural heritages in today's technology.

Photo of Howard

Howard Chiu

Assistant Editor, Policy Briefs

Howard Chiu (M.Ed.) is a PhD student in the Graduate School of Education’s Developmental and Psychological Sciences program at Stanford University. Prior to coming to Stanford, Howard worked in Singapore as an educational psychologist in the Ministry of Education’s Special Educational Needs Division. His interests include neuroimaging methods, developmental differences, early childhood education, as well as evidence-based intervention and policymaking. 

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Mark Allen Cu

Assistant Editor, Blogs

Mark Allen Cu is a second-year undergraduate studying Education and International Relations. With a background in research, journalism, and storytelling, he is broadly interested in decolonial academia, globalization and education, and comparative higher education in the Asia-Pacific.


Claudia Sung

Claudia Sung

Assistant Editor, Policy Briefs

Claudia Sung is a second-year undergraduate student at Stanford University. She is interested in History, Asian American Studies, Education, and their intersections. Claudia also serves as a Head Advising Fellow for Matriculate and Secretary General of the Stanford Model United Nations Conference.

Faculty Sponsor

Photo of Alfredo Artiles

Alfredo J. Artiles

Alfredo J. Artiles is the Lee L. Jacks Professor of Education at Stanford. Artiles is the Director of SCOPE and the Research Institute at CCSRE. His scholarship examines equity paradoxes created by educational policies. He studies how protections afforded by disability status can unwittingly stratify educational opportunities for minoritized groups and is advancing responses to these inequities. Artiles is an elected member of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences and of the National Academy of Education, Fellow of AERA and NEPC and a Senior Fellow of the Learning Policy Institute. He was a CASBS resident fellow.


Kyalamboka Brown

Kyalamboka Brown

Kyalamboka Brown is a doctoral candidate in the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University specializing in mathematics education and issues of race and inequality in education. Her research interests center on the aim of improving the mathematics educational outcomes of children that are impacted by inequitable schooling structures. Kyalamboka also serves as a professional development leader for the Knowles Teacher Initiative, an instructor for Stanford Teacher Education Program, and a math education researcher for Youcubed.

Brian Cabral

Brian Cabral

Brian Cabral (he/él), MA, is a Chicagoan, sociologist, and fourth-year PhD candidate in the Race, Inequality, and Language in Education (RILE) program at Stanford’s Graduate School of Education. His current dissertation research is focused on race, place, language, abolition, and carcerality across educational, schooling, and re-entry spaces and geographies.

photo of Minju Choi

Minju Choi

Minju Choi (she/her) is a fourth-year PhD candidate in the International and Comparative Education (ICE) program at Stanford Graduate School of Education. Her research interests include the effect of cultural globalization on education, more specifically tensions arising from beliefs in education as a human right, human capital, and nation-building tool.

Philip Hernández

Philip Hernández

Philip Hernández, M.Ed, is a PhD candidate in Education (Developmental and Psychological Science Program) and MS student in Neurosciences at Stanford. His interests include the relationship between science pathways, pedagogy, assessment, and student attention in higher education.

Cordy McJunkins

Cordy McJunkins

Cordy McJunkins is a dual master’s student (MA/MPP) in the Policy, Organization, and Leadership Studies (POLS) program at Stanford Graduate School of Education. His interests focus on the relationship between higher education access, foster youth, and the legal system.

photo of Caitlin Murphy Brust

Caitlin Murphy Brust

Caitlin is a 6th-year PhD Candidate in Philosophy of Education and graduate fellow in Education & Jewish Studies. She holds an MA in Philosophy. She studies educational justice both philosophically and empirically, exploring what constitutes (un)just epistemic environments in U.S. higher education and how educators, students, and institutions themselves can combat various forms of epistemic injustice within these environments. 

Photo of Tom

Tom Nachtigal

Tom Nachtigal (Ed.M., LL.M.) is a second-year PhD student in the International and Comparative Education (ICE) program at Stanford Graduate School of Education. Trained as an international lawyer, she is interested in investigating the influence of globalization on civics education and social-emotional learning policies in conflict-affected areas.

Jacob Ramirez

Jacob Ramirez

Jacob Ramirez is a master’s student in International Education Policy Analysis at Stanford University. He is interested in examining high school equivalency and higher education programming in prisons and how this programming, and approaches to incarceration itself, are influenced by societal philosophies of punishment.

Kadija Samura

Kadija Samura

Kadija Samura is a master’s student in International Education Policy Analysis at Stanford University. Her research interests include economics of educations, indigenous knowledge systems and girls' education.

*Stanford images credit to Joe Sherman.