The Public Scholarship Collaborative at the Stanford Graduate School of Education is a community of graduate students committed to bridging the gap between academia and society through mobilizing research findings for the advancement of educational opportunity and equity in K–20 education.

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What we aim to do

Engage in public scholarship to bridge the distance between scholarly expertise and stakeholders’ understanding of educational equity issues

(Re)frame, clarify, and advance interdisciplinary research-based and equity-minded viewpoints to offer guidance on education policy, practice, and research issues

Offer GSE graduate students opportunities to develop expertise in public scholarship

Why the Public Scholarship Collaborative?

Participating students will select key education topics or issues to target and identify national or international experts to co-author deliverables such as op-eds, blogs, briefs, podcasts, and commentaries. Students will co-author, edit, and seek placement for these deliverables in media outlets that reach target audiences.

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Interested in mobilizing research findings for the advancement of educational opportunity and equity in K-20 education and being mentored as you co-author work with another expert for public scholarship.

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Please connect with us to co-author, support, and/or mentor GSE students to engage in public scholarship!

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Interested in supporting this work? Please contact us to set up a one-time donation or recurring gift.

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Who we are

The Public Scholarship Collaborative is organized by graduate student editors under the guidance of Professor Alfredo Artiles. We invite scholars from around the world to co-author pieces with graduate students.

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Alfredo J. Artiles
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Haley Lepp
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Gabriela López


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The Public Scholarship Collaborative is supported by a Spencer Foundation Mentoring Grant, the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy, and the Stanford Graduate School of Education.

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